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                                  Yundong clothing enterprise was founded in 2004 May, is a R & D, production and sales, foreign trade, brand management in one of the large-scale clothing enterprises the company, with the mainland more than 5000 garment manufacturers to establish good relations of cooperation. Professional development, professional so leading, Yundong clothing focus on apparel field, diligently strive after giving the customer service and product better.


    运东/韦洛迪斯品牌服饰折扣(中国)总部地处世界服装生产基地中国广州,使其坐享天时、地利、人和,蓬勃发展的市场机遇让我们对她 Full of passion and confidence.

        ten years grinding sword, Yundong / Vee Loties brand clothing discount (China) marketing headquarters founded the occasion with high specification for the king, strong service support system is the vast number of investors success.                                
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Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Guangzhou Baiyun District and the town of Donghua Industrial Zone Dongchang Road No.