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Zhongshan Ning Tai Garment Development Co., Ltd.    No Member

Zhongshan Ning Tai Garment Development Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                  Zhongshan city Ningtai Garment Development Co., Ltd. is a professional production of high-grade woven washed casual pants based enterprises. Set the development, production, marketing in one, with advanced manufacturing equipment and human high precision management system. At present, the company with over 100 top international clothing brand to establish strategic cooperative partnership of long-term.

        at present, due to the company's business volume increases, a newly built million square meters of new factories, need a lot of recruiting staff in place. Welcome to join. We will give you a comfortable, beautiful environment, allowing you to endless talents.                                
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Contact:   Mr. Yu
Addr:   Guangdong  Zhongshan  Guangdong Province Zhongshan city Sha Lang Jinchang Road No. 39