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Erdos Mongolian grand Cashmere Products Co. Ltd. Brand
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Meng Jue cashmere was founded in the 90's of the last century Inner Mongolia prairie,   1997, & nbsp; Meng Jue official at the National Trademark Office to apply for trademark registration,  

is a production and sales of Meng Jue cashmere based enterprises,   since the company was founded by its exquisite technics design,   good after sale service to win the

dependence of the multi client. Meng Jue cashmere products is the choice of Erdos plateau quality cashmere wool as main raw materials, the production of the Meng Jue senior

cashmere products, with its advanced technology design, unique style novel, by the vast number of consumers, is the people daily wear,   fed a gift,

is more advocate natural pursuit of excellence of the superior quality goods.                                
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Addr:   Beijing  Beijing City  Beijing City, Yongding Men Wai Avenue No. 101