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                                  was founded in 1908 America "Lion" brand, is an exotic brand. After fifty years, America "Lion" brand has become one of the popular outdoor sports brand. He actively advocated the brave and fearless, outdoor sports, represents a challenge, adventure, exploration, free, bold, brave, enterprising spirit to personality, rich connotation of products. America "Lion" brand, for consumers is a longing for spiritual footprints, a release my spiritual transcendence, adventure exciting show.

        in 1996, the "Lion" brand in the United States, unique bold, rough, uninhibited image landed in China, located in Jinjiang, began a strategic expansion of the Chinese market layout. After China ten years of market operation, the United States "Lion brand" of the brand image of the people, write a outdoor sports legend.  


      American lion brand Hunan agents - Hunan Lion Trading officially settled in Hunan city of Zhuzhou Province, and the rapid expansion of its own marketing network, the American lion brand began to enter the shopping malls counters, and set up a number of stores, the rapid expansion of network. American lion brand is the outdoor sports equipment one-stop service providers, to provide outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, Chong Feng Yi, Chong Feng pants, quick drying clothing, quick drying pants, mountaineering bags, mountaineering rod, tents, sleeping bags, kettle, oven and other kinds of outdoor sports equipment. Now welcome more interested in outdoor products sales people to join the American lion brand brand business, common development, bigger and stronger American lion brand in Hunan market.                                
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