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Beijing is the taxi shoe beauty Brand
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    Masanori scholar beauty YISHION handmade, the inheritance and development of domestic and foreign excellent manual manufacturing process of the national traditional handicraft, reproduction is noble and classic products.         Masanori scholar beauty with "quality is the only standard of success" for the right Ming, and continuous efforts will be modeling, design, leather com., will be a full manual operation of the rigorous process, and apply it in practice, persist in using the best quality leather make every product. Zhengde scholar beauty in the most rigorous attitude, inspection and testing of all materials to ensure the source of its production, inspection and control strictly on the quality, achieve the best quality commitment, Zhengde scholar beauty after the technicians are meticulously create every kind of shoe and foot consistency, there will be a unique and comfortable foot hold and warm sense of affinity, Zhengde scholar beauty does not depend on mechanization of modern automated assembly line, die fixed to produce products, but insist completely hand-made, made by the process of shoes, in the industrial age today developed particularly basics, simple and noble. Zhengde scholar beauty each pair of shoes to operate through several processes, to ensure that each pair of shoes has the original making style and quality exquisite handicrafts connotation, although not every pairs of shoes perfect, but each pair of shoes are outstanding unique.         Zhengde Shi alongside traditional excellent crafts, abrasion resistance, water resistance, comfort is also its indispensable, all sewn welt process structure is one of the most important quality of Zhengde scholar beauty. Zhengde scholar beauty using rubber cork form bottom to the maximum extent and comfortable, waterproof, soft is the ultimate advantage of itself, Zhengde Shi senior American handmade products, will sincerely touched you.
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Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Beijing City, Chaoyang District China Baiziwan Shimen Village Road No. 5