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What shoes Co. Ltd. of Gaomi City Brand
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    Gaomi City what shoes Co. Ltd. located in the Shandong Peninsula coast ports of Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai on four open, sunshine city surrounded by Gaomi City, is "the first portal the World Kite Capital" - Weifang. The beautiful environment, water resources, adequate power, water, Lu Jiaotong convenience, the company founded more than ten years, experience enrichment, asset rich, is one of the major manufacturers of leather products industry. The company is in "high density big red apple shoe", "high density lions shoe" on the basis of the development, the company since its establishment, always adhere to the "people-oriented, sincerity conduct, to Dexing enterprise,   to the letter for the" good faith, so that enterprises can be healthy and rapid development.         the company covers an area of 166000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 300 people, fixed assets 48000000 yuan, annual production of 1600000 pairs of shoes, the company has from Hongkong, Taiwan to introduce a variety of modern production lines four, the end of the system, mold and other advanced equipment manufacture complete sets of equipment and a large number of high science and technology personnel.         the company focused on the development of export-oriented economy, has with the consortium and company American, South Korea, Italy and other countries in the region of the authorized management right. Its products are high, mid-range shoes, work shoes, hiking shoes, sports shoes, training shoes, snow shoes, casual shoes, children's shoes, cloth shoes, injection shoes, and leather products ten series more than 300 varieties. Favored by domestic and foreign merchants. Especially welcomed by consumers is "Grange", "Citgo what", "forest lion" three brands of shoes, in recent years in the domestic sales have more than 1000000 pairs.         company to product quality and considerate service reputation, with the right to operate import and export, to make their products in five continents around the world more than 30 countries and regions, annual export volume ranked the province with the industry forefront. The company is China Council for the promotion of international trade, the International Chamber of Commerce members China.         chairman and general manager Mr. Li Chujing sincerely hope to cooperate with you sincerely, the future together.
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Addr:   Shandong Province  The city of Weifang  Weifang City, Shandong Province, Gaomi City Chinese Li Quan Jie ban Sheng Quan Street No. 2298