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Foshan new label factory Brand
Business Model
    new label factory is Chi Ming label factory, the monthly output ultra million mainly in wide, things, Shenzhen area development.         the factory mainly produces silk screen plate, aluminum plate, high light signs, high light silk screen signs, silk screen Dijiao signs, electroforming signs, electroplating, paint, paint signs, signs and other signs of screen printing press plate scrub.         products are mainly used for: LCD display, computer (host) machine signs, warning signs, performance indicator, highway high voltage cable, the office door, gate, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, mobile phone decoration, acoustic, electric fan, bed, bathroom cabinets, bath, cabinets and other home appliance products.         the company will be, make the rest assured, satisfied with the high quality service for all walks of life products. Welcome to inquire order.
Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Wang Yangyang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Foshan City  Guangdong Province Chinese Foshan Nanhai Yanbu Hedong Cheng Xin Cun