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Hangzhou million Printing Company Limited Brand
Business Model
    Hangzhou million printing Limited company to provide the overall solution of one-stop printing, is a set design, plate making, printing and post processing for the integrated printing enterprises. The purchase is equipped with world leading technologies in the world, a full set of printing machinery and equipment efficiency is the highest, most flexible. The four colour offset printing machine, automatic binding line. Forming a four-color self-adhesive label machine, eight open four-color offset press;...... Wait. More than 100 employees; matched reasonably complete, advanced technology and smooth, professional skills, management in place; to fully meet the market for the product manual, label, self-adhesive, metal signs, etc. series of commercial printing needs, dedicated service in the electronic and electrical appliances, communications, daily general merchandise, food, chemical, and other enterprises and institutions. Creating products, creating million printing, unique brand, to meet the service needs.         facing the opportunity and challenge of the new century, million will be full of enthusiasm, as always, integrity management, continuous innovation.
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Contact:   Ms. Zhang Qian
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Hangzhou  Li Jia Qiao Industrial Zone No. 525 of Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province of China Gongshu District Dengyun Road 6 1 buildings