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Chongqing Shi Jia Bao buckle factory, specializing in the production of all kinds of cloth buttons, cloth buckle, cloth belt buckle, the most complete style, is a larger professional factory. Our own car CNC lathe, the production of button machine equipment, the development of all kinds of button mold, self-produced all kinds of button embryos, are all high-end environmental protection materials, according to customer requirements, the highest can be checked needle machine for the 6 level. Customers all over the country and Hong Kong and Taiwan region, dealers have been agents everywhere our products.   A: ordinary semicircular button, size: 10L to 100L (6.5MM to 75MM button) black and white rubber base, round antimony bottom, straight foot antimony bottom, aluminum bottom copper iron, iron wire bottom; optional foot button. B: no sharp eye button, two hole, four hole cork button, aluminum bottom, black and white rubber base, gold and silver ring button, size 14L to 60L C: [cloth bag belt buckle: day, D, round buckle, arch buckle, oval, bucket type, ladder type. Inner diameter: 0.5 inches to 3.5 inches; specifications and styles up to more than 100. D: square cloth button, aluminum cover + white rubber bottom, black rubber base, aluminum alloy bottom.   E: elliptical cloth button, aluminum lid + white rubber bottom, aluminum cover + aluminum bottom. F: spherical cloth button (knob button), flat button, white rubber bottom aluminum cover + white rubber bottom, aluminum cover + aluminum bottom. G: round heart button, double core button, flying butterfly button, gold edge lace cloth button, a variety of styles. H: four in one package, snap button, 12.5MM, 15MM, 18MM, 21MM, 25MM button surface, and general four button, general purpose.   I: cloth clasp button (cloth button, cloth bag button), import copper material hand sewing button, face size 7MM to 25MM; J: no foot hollow button; badge button. K: cloth bag bump button, two foot button. L: cloth button embryo: ordinary button bottom embryo 10L-100L, iron wire bottom, round antimony bottom, straight foot antimony bottom, wave button button embryo, flat button embryo, button eye button button embryo, cloth bag day buckle, round buckle embryo, copper gold circle silver ring.   M: button machine: type NO66, imported hand pressure professional package button machine, with counter, can be equipped with various shape button, button mold, simple button machine. N:NO98 cutting machine, cutting tool die, O: all kinds of imported stainless steel button mold: ordinary button button, wave button, plane button, core button, cork button mold, etc. I: all kinds of cloth buckle mold, belt buckle mold: day buckle, round buckle, arch buckle, D type buckle mold and so on.   Our factory has a fast production capacity and a monthly output of 5 million grains. Our factory has the most complete and latest cloth bag buttons, and customers are welcome to provide cloth materials.
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Addr:   Chongqing City   Chongqing City   No. two, No. three, No. thirty-one, vegetable garden, leather market, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China