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    aluminum mesh is my main trend of business products, aluminum surface treatment oxidation coloring a variety of non stick coating, spray coating of 3M plane, 4m plane, beads, beads, masonry hollow concave plum aluminum mesh dozens of color. The product has the advantages of uniform color, small color difference, products of the indicators of the chemical composition, surface treatment meets the related national standards.         our factory can be customized according to customer requirements color styles, product fine workmanship, excellent quality, color variety, many styles, has a strong decorative effect, looks like a metal like scales, because it is like a cloth can arbitrarily change, is mainly used to manufacture all kinds of fashion bags, women bag, handbag, satchel, every kind of women's clothes. Accessories materials is very wide, can also be used with different areas: toys, decoration, decoration and other changing under, show charming colors. The aluminum mesh cut into various shapes, patterns, and with a beautiful tone, can be stuck in a variety of clothing on the bag. Has a very good decorative effect. Also greatly increase the added value of the products.         our products aluminum mesh conforms to the national environmental certification, direct contact with skin. Welcome to call, visit.
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Contact:   Mr. Huang Jiawu
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Chaozhou City  Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province China