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Business Model
                                        eight party trading network is composed of eight party trading network's network sales platform revision reconstruction. The master station mainly to the sale of children's products, supplemented by other products and agent shop sales, we strive to quality products, low price and comprehensive technical services, to create a new shopping platform for our customers. We have the advantage of directly from the original customer required product sales process, save the swivel joint, save a lot of travel. Provides the most comprehensive commercial database, also for individuals, groups and enterprises to provide consumers with the most humane services. We are a highly innovative capability, full of enthusiasm for the work team, has been committed to the network product line sales and service, and established a mature marketing channel, accumulated valuable customer service experience, build web technology platform of professional stable and fast and reliable delivery system, and perfect after sale service. Network technology and traditional business are powerful combination, comprehensive information and transaction service in one, with commodity resources, the most attractive is the most secure, convenient payment methods, the most perfect service system to face competition, provide Chinese their online shopping is our objective of struggle for Chinese. Our service tenet:                             to allow customers to move!                                
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Contact:   Zhao Chen
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Huzhou  Zhejiang Huzhou Guan Feng 4070