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Nakayama Shimotochi Garment Machinery Equipment Co., ltd.... Brand
Business Model

        element of a company is a company engaged in high-tech garment equipment science and technology enterprises, is the production of equipment into a source of design and manufacturing technology of cooked in Japan; has been formed including Europe and the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other regions, ,   set of product design, manufacturing, NC personality customer service, fast service, guidance.

            we have the spirit of: customer supreme principle

                we have: the advanced technology of   professional team

                our slogan: professional achievements value  

                we aim: to be efficient, practical, one-stop service of professional equipment manufacturer

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Contact:   Hepeng1220
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Zhongshan City  Guangdong Ji Xiaolan Town, east port city of Zhongshan province An Road No. 3