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                      NFL men's R & D center is a collection of men's R & D, design and sales as a whole. The company has all kinds of professional talents. NFL is a fist product of business casual men's wear, and designs other clothing fields as supporting products. It has perfect product mix all year round. The company's R & D capability is a model for men's clothing. Having excellent fashion designers, adopting the clothing essence of Italy, Korea, Europe and the United States and its brilliant culture and art, with the most advanced clothing information, combined with the Chinese market, representing the advanced business casual dress design concept, leading the development of men's clothing. Professional development of business men's wear, jackets, men's cotton padded clothes, men's down jacket. Professional design, plate making and production. National cooperation, welcome to join!      With the concept of "innovation, truth-seeking and Transcendence", the company takes the responsibility of serving the public and takes social responsibility as the guide. It attaches great importance to quality and service. Constantly exploring and innovating, we are willing to work together with you to create a brilliant tomorrow. ! QQ : One billion one hundred and seventy million six hundred and fifty-three thousand and seventy-three E-Mail : Mobile phone: Thirteen billion nine hundred and sixty-two million three hundred and twenty-three thousand five hundred and fifty-five   Fifteen billion eight hundred and fifty-one million five hundred and twenty-six thousand seven hundred and eleven Fixed telephone: 0512-52492699 Contact address:  Jiangsu Changshou City Mo Cheng Yan Li Hung Cheng excipient (fast star hotel) two floor hospital                  
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Contact:   Lai Lun Hui
Addr:   Jiangsu Province   Changshou City   Jiangsu Changshou City Mo Cheng Yan Li Hung Cheng excipient (fast star hotel) two floor hospital