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                                        clothing Beauty Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 2005 June, the company after nearly 4 years of development, now has, high quality, fashion women's clothing processing production capacity of high fashion. Organize a first-class design team and processing team, can undertake more than 10000 pieces of garment processing orders. The international fashion style accurately into the domestic market, and carefully build the leading fashion, guide consumption, a unique brand products;
science, perfect marketing system, professional security benign cycle, total profit and distributors of growth;
consciousness with its stylish, fusion he ultra fashionable brand concept, to own brand to create hundreds of years of classic brand!
            company to produce fashion women's clothing, women's trade fashion styles not only by the likes of domestic customers, but also exported to Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions.. A variety of coat, T-shirt, shirt, skirt, dress, skirt, Ms. halter top
our aim: always adhere to the integrity and service - oriented principles. Hold the pulse of fashion to provide the most fashionable, quality for the ladies fashion women's clothing, trade dress, fashion. Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come. Like to map orders, contracting package materials; be free of all hits the version, design cost!     hold the pulse of fashion to provide the most fashionable, quality for the members of the Korean women                                            
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Contact:   Huang Chengyuan
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Zhejiang Hangzhou