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      Qingdao Hualong Weaving Co. Ltd. joint venture, the main production varieties complete, good quality of metal, plastic, nylon zipper.   Weaving Co. Ltd. of Hualong is a company in the early introduction of foreign advanced equipment, is a large domestic zipper manufacturer, the company has a group of experienced senior technical staff and management personnel, excellent equipment, perfect quality, strictly according to the requirements of operation, standardized operation, continuous improvement. The continuous development of new technology and new process, zipper, insatiable pursuit of excellent product quality to provide quality services, to meet the market demand, and constantly improve the quality of enterprise culture, promote enterprises to scale and rapid development.       in the new century, Weaving Co. Ltd. of Hualong will continue to adhere to good business philosophy, to play their own advantages, and constantly develop new products to adapt to the market, provide a better service for the customer.       warmly welcome overseas customers letter calls, to people, shoal cooperation, to share the joy of a win-win situation!

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Contact:   Zhang Linzhen
Addr:   Shandong Province  Qingdao City  Qingdao city Chengyang District Thai Austrian Park 22 Building 2 unit 201