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Panjin Xiang Fang Chemical Factory Brand
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                                            Panjin Xiang Fang chemical plant according to the need of the reality of the market, research and development of citric acid trimethyl ester (TMC) and production technology of color flame candle products, these two products, market prospects, needs further research and development.   in 2002 December, the citric acid trimethyl ester (TMC) and color flame candles of two kinds of products on the market, the operation situation is good. According to the needs of the market in 2005 and the grand launch of the home-made line entertainment candle series products, products have been introduced, it has been recognized by society and consumers. At present, enterprises mainly in color flame birthday candle, candle series product line entertainment series products and citric acid trimethyl ester as the leading product.                                
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Contact:   Cui Dingjian
Addr:   Liaoning Province  Panjin City  Liaoning province Panjin city Shuangtaizi District Gao