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        Ji'nan Hongtai Garment Co., Ltd. is a set research and development design, production, sales of suit suit, set (set) do suit suit, suits suit, suit suit factory, shirt shirt T-shirt, occupation suit, tooling, uniforms, work clothes, logo clothing, business super uniforms, promotional clothing is one of the professional clothing standard manufacturer, has a full set of advanced CAD/CAM system, hits the version from the computer, to design, grading, computer operations. Sewing equipment, with German imports of advanced ironing clothing stereotypes equipment production line, process and technical level is far more than the "national standard", after 400 multi-channel processes Seiko secret agents to complete, perfect production management system, strong elite sales team. Innovation and development company change rapidly, and now owns a stable domestic or foreign customers. Relying on the characteristics of the unit, your occupation characteristics, brand culture and theme, from the clothing color, fabric, style, shape, matching and other aspects to consider providing professional solutions for your design. Highlight the characteristics, reveal personality, reflects the extraordinary cultural taste is our design goal, make clothing connotation perfectly show your team spirit and the quality of the staff, at the same time, according to the different requirements of customers will be woven into fabrics, in order to ensure that the special requirements of customers, we have a lot of material samples, like clothing, clothing styles. For the customer to choose. Be strict in one's demands, refine on [] the quality of people is Hongtai interpretation, your last smile is our unremitting pursuit of the service tenet! At this point in the fashion industry hit a high visibility and brand appeal. With the size of the radiation strength, company has become the industry production of suits, occupation, tooling and other professional manufacturers.                                
      company main push high-end suits custom-made, suits for men and women, the executive suite, business suite, business suite, office suite, clerk., suit, trousers, skirt, West administrative uniform custom project; and pure handmade bespoke suit suit project (using If-U international advanced design idea []); plum brand franchise chain.
        the company [no one I have, I have fine, people learn of my new, old] business philosophy, adhering to the "professional, confidence, cooperation, innovation, dedication, hard work" enterprise culture, and constantly improve and standardize the system design, sales network, production management system,   to create the eternal brand China garment industry!

        company management is well aware of the social responsibility of the enterprise, with the dedication of love, the return of social responsibility and mission of the enterprise, spare no effort to support the social welfare undertakings, to be the love of enterprise. In the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection in twenty-first Century, the company focused on developing and perfecting natural green clothing, for our environment to make due contribution.
        since the establishment of the company, adhering to the "customer focus, win-win" concept of service, thanks to new and old customer care and community enterprises and organizations support the trust, stop by the end of 2009 in Ji'nan for the development of Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong center has been successful... Other major markets. To reach the friendly relations and cooperation with foreign trade companies, banks, foreign-funded enterprises, group of companies, factories and enterprises, administrative organs and institutions! To win a good reputation garment industry undoubtedly! We will make persistent efforts. The confidence to the professional integrity and without deceit. The occupation attitude to our society!
        companies adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, continue to create space and a broader arena for the employees. With the growth of enterprises, and gradually improve employee salary and welfare, the increase of staff training funds, to improve staff's professional level and management skills.   invites a person of noble aspirations; joined the unity and passionate team.  

        struggle reflected in the value of their own, cooperation brilliant achievements in the future! [people] will realize, Hongtai industrial scale, the final internationalization, modernization of management, the future development trend of occupation clothing culture of the team!

  the future, sincerely welcome friends from all circles to visit to discuss cooperation and win-win!



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