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Ji'nan oasis Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
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                                                Ji'nan oasis Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Ji'nan City flyover hi tech Development Zone, a beautiful environment, the geographical position is superior, the main production of various kinds of new green dry cleaning equipment, washing equipment and all kinds of advanced auxiliary ironing equipment, is a collection of scientific research, production integration of the emerging technology industry company. The company has always adhered to the manufacturing industry, one of the trade and Industry Branch, diversified development strategy, is committed to strengthening the hardware construction, expand the scale of enterprises, and to promote the market development by the overall planning. At present, the country has basically formed a rational layout of the sales and service network, the majority of users by the trust and praise, the products in short supply, are exported all over the country.         oasis company success, due to the "honest, trustworthy, United, and innovation" business philosophy. Companies with strong economic strength, high-quality professionals, advanced production equipment, rich management experience, high quality washing technology, a unique level of service and reasonable price, quickly became a washing machine manufacturing industry in a shining star. At present, the company has specialized in the technology development, production senior engineer, manufacturing engineer 50 people. Has advanced quality inspection equipment, and established long-term, close cooperation with many scientific research units. We also continue to learn from advanced countries in Europe for more than 30 years of production experience, all of these, the customer has laid a solid foundation for the development of enterprises, expand the market and better service.         in order to adapt to the objective requirements of the development of domestic washing industry, to create their own unique brand image, in 2002 the company introduced the latest European washing technology and advanced management mode, combining with the China situation, created the oasis washing franchise chain system. The franchise chain quality exquisite equipment, standardized management system, perfect service concept, to teach each franchisee, so they always stand on the forefront of washing industry. A lot of practice has proved that this approach is successful. In 2003 the company was named "oasis China laundry industry ten big brands", not only greatly enhance the oasis brand visibility and reputation in the market, but also for the implementation of international standards and washing a promising step.                   with the increase Chinese economy, city construction accelerated, market space is more and more big washing industry. And perfect modern enterprise system, advanced management mode, high-quality professional talents and modern science and technology and perfect service system of enterprises is an important guarantee of success. There is no doubt, vibrant oasis company will become the most development potential and prospects of the modern enterprise. Products through the ISO9001 quality management system certification China laundry industry ten big brands China green brand and China best-selling brand     The quality of goods supply qualified standard unit China Light Industry Machinery Association Chinese Commercial Federation of quality of science and technology and professional committee member China Commercial Association and professional quality of science and Technology Commission of Shandong Province, the only designated laundry training base The high-tech enterprises in Ji'nan City                                
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Contact:   Yang Shouding
Addr:   Shandong Province  The city of Ji'nan  Lu Ya Industrial Park Flyover District of Ji'nan City