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Business Model
                                        Hongkong Paul Brand Fashion Group Limited, is a professional engaged in children's clothing brand promotion, sales, market research, sales network maintenance such as a full range of

Professional Company. The company has a number of in the fashion industry for years, elite team, brand positioning, market guide, the quasi accurate marketing strategy of

improvement. My company under the "1848" children's clothing, is more excellent in quality, style, low price guides the tidal current consumption......
the company mainly engaged in children's clothing, foreign trade children's clothing, children's coat,   children; T-shirt, trousers, infant, children sweater, children, children, children 棉褛 jacket sleeve

, brand children's wear, infant clothing, small children, children's wear, skirts, inventory down jacket, Denim Wear, sweaters, children short sleeved T-shirt, sweater,

children join, inventory, children's clothing wholesale, children's clothing, children's clothing, the leisure, children's wear, children's wear Korean children inventory processing etc..

companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "to provide quality service

, customer first" principle to provide our clients                                
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Contact:   Mr. Zhang
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Wenzhou  Oujiang building 26 building room 01 (New South Station is opposite)