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                                        "AAA" brand introduction
    London "AAA" brand, has a long history to witness, mark of international brand. 1877 "AAA" brand founder Mr. Hubert John (Uubert  John) the establishment of a silk factory, the undertaking will be passed on from generation to generation.
    Mr. John in 1933, "AAA" brand heir grandson Mr. George John (Georgr  John) founded a silk factory, power plant located in the visit provided by a mill Sailuoen River, he was also the first operation "AAA" brand of women's underwear and stockings operators.
    Mr. John was formally established in 1955 "the British AAA Company Limited", Mr. John advocated Artisitc (GRACE), Achievement (achievement), Ambitionous (Xiong Xin) concept, so with "AAA" as a brand name, from now on, "AAA" brand road of brand officially set sail. "AAA" brand to elegant, noble, gentleman flavor of fashion, as his debut, respected by the royal family and nobles and politicians.
    in 1985, with Mr Leo John (Leo  John) was employed as a design and marketing director, "AAA" brand into a leap in the development of the transition period, a new era of. "AAA" the development of the company to provide a series of male and female fashion, footwear and leather products, in the famous "AAA" logo, a symbol of these products is also guarantee the excellent quality and sophisticated technology of.
    in May 1, 2008, the British "AAA" limited authorization Shanghai Junyu Garments Co. Ltd. general agent for the continental region of apparel products in China, responsible for production, in mainland China sales of "AAA" brand of men's and women's apparel products, and the development of "AAA" brand.                                
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