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                                        Tianjin Xin Jia clothing color repair center is a company engaged in garment colour retouching dressing years of professional color repair enterprise. The company is located in Dongli District, Tianjin Junliangcheng, convenient transportation.
the center can serve any business related to textile and garment, service object includes: woven / knitted garment factory, printing factory, embroidery factory, printing factory, silk mill, washing plant, fabric suppliers, garment trading company, enterprise. My company to undertake business:
, fabric has a serious color or stains difficult to do color processing.
two,   garment is completed, found around placket, collar corner, sleeves, trousers piece etc. between all the regions there around the strip, side color difference, color difference, color difference, yin and Yang washed straight streak, white, white, black and white, sand road, printing and dyeing and other bad color problems can be to the precise dressing.
three, fabric and fabric between the color overlapping, string color, fade phenomenon, cause mutual dyeing pollution.
four, clothing in the process of washing (especially cowboy series, cotton, non ironing) due to washing plant water treatment and other factors on the color difference, color after the clothing and chromatic or washed, left in the fabric of various pawl printing, black / white, color, color difference between yin and Yang, tablets, sand washing mark, waterline, ordinary water spray gun can not place the stains. And so on.
five, clothing after the found stains, for colour fastness and other reasons it is difficult to use the spray water stains.
six, garment or fabric has obvious fabric defects (spinning, roving, break).
seven, a variety of tussah silk shirt color flowers, color difference, breaking difference etc..
above all sorts of flaws cause degradation or discount, loss cost, even can not ship, causing delivery problems, this to your company to provide the good news, the above various flaws defective products through the center of artificial colour retouching (make sure the complementary color fastness). Can improve the reply level, to solve the problem. The center is a professional repair all kinds of fabric garments: knitted fabric, woven fabric. Example: T/C, T/N, P/CD, cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon cotton, wool sweater, chemical fiber, blended natural, artificial, acetate fiber all kinds of fabrics.
I center the introduction of Japanese technology, imported environmental protection raw material, the use of scientific methods, to solve the problem of all kinds of clothing processing experience! For your company to solve any menace from the "rear", enables you to quickly perform the contract delivery in time, reduce the production cost of   to provide convenient, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Quality is our pursuit. Honesty is our tenet. We - in your company is willing to sincerely cooperate!
welcome new and old customers call Advisory letter. Free proofing!
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Contact:   Wang Fei
Addr:   Tianjin city  Dongli District  The seven district Dongli District Tianjin Junliangcheng Temple Village No. 6