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                                        hung Wang Industry (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd in the Northeast branch with a legal personality joint-stock cooperative enterprises. Countries in order to adjust the industrial structure, vigorously develop the regional economy, enhance the lateral associates, and promote economic construction as the business purpose. In the economic field for many years in the information industry management. Beijing city is the scale of specialized information dissemination (agent) trade type enterprise, commercial brokerage market intermediaries and technical qualification according to law. The hardware, software and first-class facilities, the implementation of modern enterprise management. A wide range of information sources, the formal channels. And transnational institutions of American International Group brokerage joint venture cooperation, the establishment of the first domestic "information express". To establish long-term close economic exchanges of information and cooperation with hundreds of domestic science, industry and trade, enterprises and Hong Kong and Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, Mongolia, Australia, Canada and other dozens of foreign institutions. The internal structure of the company is: international trade, domestic trade department, advertising department, the information research department, information development, market research and business planning department, Ministry of technology transfer, international finance, computer department, member management department and finance department. With technology and brokerage personnel with high academic qualifications and extensive social relations and extensive practical experience, there are plans to the distribution of the formation of efficient economic information, business planning, business opportunities, in all parts of the country business survey, commissioned processing, construction, financing, the entity of the joint venture and cooperation, technology transfer and investment consulting and other diversified brokerage service trade.
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Contact:   Jiajia
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Friendly street Shenhe District Shenyang city Liaoning province No. 19 Fengtian Ginza B block 40A