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    Xinhua waterproof zipper factory is located in Fujian Province, is mainly the province zipper, honesty; quality first; for the operation of the, is a professional production of waterproof zip code loaded, waterproof zipper assembly, waterproof zipper adhesive tape, printing waterproof zipper, the Korean version of the TPU version of a waterproof zipper, waterproof zipper and various anti pull head, hardware fittings! Waterproof zipper sales all kinds of matte, light and flat in different visual effect, the washable, dry cleaning, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and other aspects has no advantages than other products, especially in the aspect of environmental protection TPU does not contain toxic characteristics. TPU waterproof zipper is widely used in outdoor activities on: winter clothes, down jacket, ski suit, tents, backpacks, mountaineering, raincoat, waterproof related series. Production and sales, processing agents of various waterproof zipper products of our factory has the advanced production and processing equipment, skilled workers and skilled talents like version of the design of high quality, to quality assurance work good and fast delivery, strive to save valuable time for customers. Welcome to come calls business cooperation.
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Contact:   Ms. Xu Wanzhen
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Suzhou City  Chinese Suzhou Changshou City small commodity market in Jiangsu Province, a district 193