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    automatic computer ten pin of the white cotton gloves, 600g/12 side, 550g/12 side and 500g/12 side, 450g/12 side and 400g/12 side; the variety is complete, can also be customized according to customer request processing. Cotton gloves, cotton fiber is machine woven gloves called cotton gloves, because the pass for labor protection supplies industry, has been widely welcomed, also known as the labor insurance gloves all types of the white cotton gloves, cotton gloves, bleached cotton gloves, cotton gloves industry usually packaged in 12 double / bag, 600 pairs / pieces, according to 12 double / specification consists of 500 grams / play, 550 g / 600 g / play, play, 650 g / 700 g / play, play, different weight that the gloves for cotton fabric and how much more dense crack gloves that antiwear performance is better, that is less good quality Beek heavy gloves. Cotton gloves use is the most extensive all labor insurance supplies category, such as construction sites, daily handling, electroplating workshop, metal stamping, plastic factory, chemical plants, steel manufacturing, shipbuilding factory, electronics factory, packaging products factory, printing enterprise, electric power engineering, machinery manufacturing, and other dining restaurant most working environments, products: yarn labour protection glove specification: roving / spinning chain knitting / computer knitting (customers can specify) gram weight: 500g/550gg/600g/650g/700g (customer can specify) color: White / bleaching (customers can specify) packing: 12 double 1 bar, 50 bar of 1 packets, snakeskin bag packaging.
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