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Shenzhen Longchang cartoon toys and garments factory Brand
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    Shenzhen cartoon toys and clothing factory is mainly producing cartoon clothing, doll clothing, doll clothing, cartoon costumes, doll clothes, inflatable cartoon toys. Main:     1, sample design pictures or we figure in designing and producing various walking cartoon figures, cartoon clothing, plush dolls, performance clothing props, COSPLAY clothing, clothing and children's Inflatable Animal show costumes, inflatable cartoon.     2 rental: to days for the calculation unit.     3 to undertake a variety of clothing and cloth animation animation products to foreign enterprise LOGO cartoon figures clothing design, processing business. Height size can be customized, welcome to buy or to map design and production enterprises cartoon mascot!         the scope of application of cartoon figures:    , in a commercial street, the children's park. Pedestrian Street Park and tourist photo.     two, a variety of commercial exhibition, expo.     three, each enterprise, shopping malls publicity, promotional activities.     four, the public performances.     five, various large-scale gatherings, birthday, wedding, wedding photography, opening ceremony, games, carnival.     six public welfare propaganda activities, kindergarten, school sports meeting.           management tenet:   the company's solemn commitment to eliminate crudely made only boutique. Would you want to use for your money is the one and only choice you quality sections. Advanced management concept. The original true win-win thinking, is a fast channel a variety of cartoon image of your successful development support various cultural and sports events. Welcome a person of noble aspirations to join co-operation.     company tenet: credit management products world reputation supreme service!     product specification] 160-185CM, people wear in total height of 2 meters, can be made to my height         [material] high-quality short plush, shearing super soft, plush fabrics such as &; nbsp;   [product description] Dolls walking people can wear in a free performance, lifelike form lively and lovely. Wear light structure, convenient unloading, air circulation, cartoon body parts can be freely removable, easy cleaning, easy maintenance. In the form of lively and interesting, lively and lovely, people wear in them to have good air permeability, clear line of sight etc.. The built-in fan, to achieve the cooling effect, easy performance activities. Can also configure the professional cooling clothes.     [] each product packaging products are packed in a plastic bag, outer packing with carton, protect the product by extrusion, keep in shape. Generally a product packing of the outer carton size is 55*55*55CM, the outer packing cartons of two cases for 93*55*55CM, according to the size of the product to the actual factory packaging shall prevail.
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Addr:   China Guangdong  Shenzhen  Longgang District of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province China Henggang Zhen Ao Bei Er Cun No. 49