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    "Momo to elder brother" infant clothing supplies Yantai Sheng Mao trade limited company independent research and development, design, production, sales of infant clothing supplies brand. The company has 10 years of operating experience of infant clothing supplies export processing, especially in Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States have unique baby clothing safety and environmental management system. The company strong financial strength and advantage of production diversification. "Momo to elder brother" brand of infant clothing start operation until 2008 to complete the registration since 2002, since the "Momo to elder brother" was the implementation of a comprehensive brand strategy, quarterly launched more than 200 new listing, products favored by the vast number of consumers and love, the company has formed a large-scale, systematic and professional brand marketing mode. Adopt the management mode of franchise chain system the international fashion, with straight battalion inn and join in chain stores and so on the many kinds of forms and mode of marketing to expand the market.         in the company of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit principle, constantly absorbing the advanced international management experience, improve the quality of products and services, to create China environmental health baby brand, to become the national infant clothing supplies brand franchise chain system is the best. And the entrepreneurial opportunities to bring across investors, with a new image, unified price, first-class service, excellent management, bring joy into numerous warm home.
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Addr:   China Shandong  Yantai  Zhifu District Yantai city Shandong province China Huang Wu Zhen Dong Lin Ju Wei northeast Street No. 48