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Hexing cap bag manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
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    he Xing cap bag Co. Ltd is a professional cap was founded in 1994 in Dongguan (bag) manufacturer. After 10 years of development, Hexing now has grown into one of the outstanding supplier cap bag industry, with nearly 400 of the staff be trained with regularity, advanced equipment, more than 1 square meters of the plant modernization, to ensure adequate monthly production capacity of 400000 pieces, safely and on time delivery is our usual practice.         we have constructed a complete set of headwear industry production system, this will ensure that we provide high quality and a wide range of products from all over the world to our customers. We can not only provide common baseball cap, with a strong ability to develop new products, we can produce all kinds of complex new hat, the company is ISO9001 certified enterprise.         we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success, so we have to ensure that our customers can get high quality products in Hexing, competitive prices, timely delivery, and thoughtful service, good. The company has a professional sales team to ensure that any customer consultation and problem can be a timely reply / satisfaction.         because of this, now some world famous brands have chosen Hexing cap bag Co. Ltd. as the cap bag products supplier of its stability.         we look forward to your advice and services on your cap bag demand!
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Addr:   Chinese Guangdong  Dongguan  Guangdong Province Dongguan city town China Pai Shi Tang Wei Commercial Street No. 119/121/123