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    Etude dance costumes are you in the dance career with you grow wings! Also hope that friends in this communication can find you like wings, flying with you!         Etude dance costumes to undertake customized various theatrical costumes and the film clothing, wedding cheongsam dress etc.. Fine workmanship, price concessions for the purpose of our service, and strive to do better! With a sincere heart for you sincerely!         Etude dance costumes ex factory price wholesale all kinds of uniforms, aerobics clothing series, series weight clothing series, dance shoes bag series, stage performance (custom, leasing) series, GB, Latin dance clothing series, dance training etc..    
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Contact:   Mr. Wang Yufeng
Addr:   Chinese Jiangxi  Nanchang  Beijing East Road City, Jiangxi province Chinese Nanchang No. 1753