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Inner Mongolia Oriental Delight (cashmere) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
    Inner Mongolia East Delight trade limited company is export-oriented processing enterprises with exclusive advantage in price, is Inner Mongolia a few own raw cashmere upstream resources of small and medium enterprises. The company was founded 10 years has been engaged in cashmere, wool, the acquisition of raw materials, raw cashmere carding, dyeing, yarn and other raw materials and processing business, since 2009, produce the enormous changes in the domestic and international raw materials market, quickly spread to the downstream production enterprises, production costs rise sharply. Our company to seize the market opportunity, characterized by the use of its own resources, integration of Inner Mongolia local number of single processing enterprises, formed from raw materials procurement to finished products processing, textile dyeing series of one-stop cooperation, completed in 2010 the unique processing price system, form a set of spinning, oneself most tempting weaving, dyeing, finishing, the finished product manufacturing in one overall quotation system in the industry. In the foreign trade processing is become an independent school, absolute superiority to offer gradually formed extensive customer network, 2011 is a year of vigorous development, in order to expand customer base and production field established a reputation.         the company is located in the capital of Inner Mongolia, the beautiful and rich Hohhot City, adjacent to the excellent quality of cashmere Aerbasi, base: Erdos City, Alxa League etc, adequate resources, traffic convenient, fast communication.         the main products "Dan Yu" "folk song" cashmere scarf, cashmere shawl, cashmere gloves cap and sweater cashmere wool products, the annual output about 300000 / piece, all over the country and exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other countries, by the new old customers. The company is small, since its inception, always adhere to the path of professional development, use be richly endowed by nature fur, cashmere resources and other advantages, the integration of upstream and downstream resources, strict implementation of standards, the international ISO9001 quality management to ensure quality, highlight the price advantage, strive to open up a new broader market at home and abroad.
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Contact:   Ms. Liu
Addr:     The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot China  The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Jinchuan City Development Zone China Hohhot