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Jiaxing excellent Cotton Textile Co. Ltd. Brand
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    Jiaxing excellent cotton knitwear and Textile Co. Ltd. is a global, has only a cold, comfort, fashion, health, for health purposes, is set product development design, production, marketing in one of the professional brand service enterprises, owns "lvfan" brand is the main brand. The company has strong product development capabilities and brand promotion ability, technical personnel specialized in the production of more than 10 senior professional R & D designers and marketing management talent with strong, a solid backing for the brand later development to provide, in the development of production, brand maintenance are introduced advanced modern management mode. The company in the high-end technology Seiko knitting, hosiery and underwear sales company, I Division under the banner of the brand innovation "ray of Brahma" socks and underwear, has hundreds of stores in the country. Products are mainly based on the function of the body, with the physical principle and high-end nanotechnology, production to physiotherapy socks and underwear health care, anti bacteria activation treatment; otherwise according to the female body tissue structure and special production process design, high-end fitness aerobics socks, men and women gentleman socks, fashion socks, sports socks, socks, children socks special function and all kinds of material, over the years the company has multi channel sales experience in Chinese market development, and cultivate pragmatic solidarity, full of youthful spirit of the sales team and strong independent design team, to create the socks industry well-known brands. In order to more specialized for consumers to make the high quality service, the company specially from the experts invited to the famous hospital, Chinese medicine therapy and health professional professor, Professor, as long-term health care consultant Jiaxing excellent cotton knitted textile Co., Ltd., has always been the spirit of "honesty, steady management" purposes, whether it is the quality of the product or company reputation among customers and peers have a good reputation. We will do our best to serve the customer, may the unlimited business opportunities, sharing the market at home and abroad with your common development, welcome to join us!
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Contact:   Mr. Li
Addr:   China Zhejiang  Jiaxing  Tu Dian East Tongxiang city Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province Chinese