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    my company is specialized in the production of all kinds of cartoon style clothing, such as a mascot, twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, the famous cartoon image, the game characters etc.. Modeling be lively and vivid, lifelike form interesting. In reality, can walk freely, widely used in product promotion, entertainment venues, the theme park show, large-scale publicity activities.         Aomei cartoon clothing Limited company is a manufacturing base of cartoon figures clothing production the most professional largest, for domestic and foreign customers to design a large number of high-quality cartoon clothing (i.e. walking cartoon figures). Cartoon doll clothing adult dress, can freely walk performance, vivid Confucian than general pneumatic mould more realistic, more vivid, more convenient, unique to the site propaganda mode adds unlimited lively and dynamic.         I plant with advanced technology and excellent technical workers art designers including production entity, can design, production of various character, animal, corporate mascot cartoon doll clothing, products vivid, in the form of lively and interesting, lively and lovely. According to different requirements of customers can freely change, the quality of its skilled, exquisite workmanship, including people wearing cartoon doll clothing more breathable.
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Contact:   Ms. Shaw salesman
Addr:   China Guangdong  Guangzhou  Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Haizhuqu District Chinese pit No. 21 West Street