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Guangzhou Yun Chang Garments Co., Ltd Brand
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    Guangzhou City Yun Chang Fashion Co. Ltd is a professional clothing company, design, production, processing of rental, wholesale all kinds of costumes based. The main design and production of clothing: modern stage costumes, ethnic stage clothing and costumes of different ethnic groups, ethnic handicrafts; costume series of each dynasty clothing headwear, dress, cheongsam; foreign series palace clothing, ethnic, stage costume etc.. With the mass art activities become more and more popularized and improved, all kinds of costume rental demand is also rapidly increasing. We are to meet the needs of the market, better service for the new old customer, we prepared a lot of clothing to provide rental, also can provide the design customized according to your needs. We especially for schools, enterprises, government agencies and other units specializing in the design, production of television costume, male and female chorus of clothing, evening dress, uniforms and other special tooling. The company uniform clothing have regular cleaning, hand disinfection, to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene. In our exhibition hall, all kinds of new and clean the costumes will give you different feeling.
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Contact:   MS ho
Addr:   China Guangdong  Guangzhou  Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Chinese Guangzhou Road 121, Guangxin Yijing building room 2206F (Metro Line 5 wuyangcun station exit B to walk 150 meters arrive namely; driving: Southern Newspaper front crossroads and then walk 150 meters)