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Business Model
    the main business     a personalized T-shirt wholesale, customization, blank solid color T-shirt wholesale, enterprise culture unlined upper garment processing customized, activity T-shirt customization.         two, cloisonne painting process, gold colored sand painting     a technology transfer  , $2000;     service project: technology formula, channel of replenish onr's stock, the materials required for         two, successful scheme (Management)   $1000     service project: profitability, channels, internal management, resource saving method of     &; three, production and sales of         cloisonne painting introduction;     the craft is copper wire as lines, a natural environment-friendly painting process with natural color sand colored, named cloisonne painting, initially it is started from Beijing's  . 2004 began to spread to the southwest area, through continuous improvement, innovation, this painting China around the minority, ancient times, flowers and birds, the landscape such as com. as the title cut, favored by consumers. Jingtai blue paint making process through tracing, viscosity, color, flat copper wire transition, glazing, gradually by hand paste and become, its main raw materials are wood, steel, color glaze (ceramic's), white latex, adhesive, crystal paint cast of handmade crafts.           it features:     a, raw material is the material of environmental protection, no pollution.     two, long shelf life (hundreds of years), waterproof, moisture-proof, fire, not easy to damage.     three, brilliant color, never fade, suitable for high profile Hotel, the family as a wall mural decorations is the best.     four, the specification can be big or small, sharp and clear, three-dimensional sense of strong.     five, the painting reflects the various ethnic cultures and customs, have very strong national style color.     six, according to customer demand for the production of every kind of patterns, and can be provided by the customer design and pattern making.  
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Contact:   Ms. Li
Addr:   Chinese Zhejiang  Hangzhou  Hangzhou city Xihu District high tech Road Flower Market in Zhejiang province China side