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          Guangzhou Panyu District Dashi seven leaf fruit garments factory is located in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Panyu District, was founded in 2001, after 10 years of efforts, the company currently owns the seven leaf fruit digital thermal transfer printing factory, embroidery factory of seven seven leaf to fruit, leaf and fruit embroidery factory, from the fabric accessories production, product design, production and sales have already established a set of perfect specialization, integration of the business service system. The spirit of "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, pay attention to update the concept, a comprehensive introduction of the latest computer and advanced sewing process, strengthen technology training, by the design department of skilled, experienced designers and craftsmen composition, can be new and full of creative and unique taste of the manual design and computer design according to the customer corporate culture atmosphere, management style and philosophy and other special needs, professional technology we sincere belief, strict work style, rich and unremitting efforts will be able to help you successfully set apart, extraordinary style, let you out of taste, out of fashion, personality piercing, piercing the successful.


seven leaf fruit garment factory has developed into a set is a collection of clothing design, plate making, production, customized, sales for the integration of women's fashion casual modern manufacturing enterprises. The company has its own R & D department, sales department, domestic wholesale agent, e-commerce sales, brand promotion department. Mainly the production of male and female sports leisure suit, knitted casual pants, knitted leisure T shirt, vest, shorts, suit, fashion, dress etc.. To undertake foreign trade orders, occupation wear custom, fashion brand clothing processing, OEM processing, garment processing, clothing brand agency, cooperative fashion brand franchise business. In addition the company to undertake the customers at home and abroad all kinds of clothing processing, clothing OEM&ODM, FOB OEM processing, garment processing trade, sales and other business. Companies in the Pearl River Delta as the center to all parts of the country and Hong Kong and Macao in Europe and America, Southeast Asia radiation, established a stable sales network, formed the advanced science and network marketing and transaction mode, over the years by the support and customer's favor.


company's brand "seven leaf fruit", is leading to trousers, leisure Women's series for the support of women's clothing brand, design style to leisure, random, trend, yearning to remain free, leading the fashion wind as the theme, high-quality fabrics, personalized design process of high level and advance, so full of vitality, the pursuit of freedom, fashion culture com., passion and vigor reflect young people energetic, unique psychological nature, as has the character and the tentacles of the young customers create offbeat fashion.


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