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Guangzhou tripod hang Garment Co. Ltd., occupation pack leader! Specializing in the production of high-grade dress shirt was founded in 2001, 10 into the uniform field and hit the "pilot production and the world to share" slogan. The factory is located in Guangzhou labor intensive hell - Xiao gang. Factory existing skilled parking more than 20, with an average age of 45 years old, a university degree, major in sales 8. The factory introduced a special machine Japan "brother" brand, and has advanced computer design, computer pattern CAD and a series of automated production equipment. Since the establishment of the company, is committed to: production of each uniform concept, faith: "details determine success or failure, attitude decides everything" spirit of enterprise active service for our customers, the company is currently: Optima group, three hung Aurora, Lite on technology, Hong Ren group, S&T heavy industries, Baiyun cleaning group and other well-known brand to produce exquisite uniforms, quality has been their affirmation and praise!

main production: high-end suits, shirts, uniforms, hotel uniforms, T-shirt, vest, security service, security service, and at the same time supporting marketing: tie neckties, sun hat. The main service object is the administrative personnel of the company, workers, factory workshop cleaning property unit, auto repair factory the company need to dress uniform of the crowd, the factory strict management, procurement, sales division: design, model, pattern, production workshop five departments. From the customer contact to delivery, provided by the company to test service, a more accurate understanding of customer requirements of product and dynamic details.

combines feedback information for many years of work experience and customer, design more different uniforms, developed a "professional occupation is solved act" do 1, looks beautiful, through their own design and collection, the existing 1000 kinds of different styles of beautiful, wear uniforms, 2 CIS, the company through the "three-dimensional cutting" + computer CAD precise drawing pattern, make clothes more fit. 3, go up the light: the company combined with the traditional occupation and self improvement, professional solve the different working conditions of uniform requirements, 4, warm in winter and cool in summer, re rectification part pattern, style, make the workshop staff is not influenced by the styles influence hot in summer, warm in winter outdoor work effect due to uniform effect generated.

along with the progress of the society, more and more units of international system of certification, and a uniform is an indispensable part of. Nice uniforms can not only unified enterprise image, more is the symbolic enterprise of the staff concerned.

since 2001, thanks to the new and old customers the support, the staff must have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, in the fierce competition of society is willing to work with all colleagues in the society to pull together in times of trouble, in 2012 to new heights. At the same time, the air staff warmly welcome new and old customers letter calls, visit the company guidance work
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Contact:   Zhang Yuanjun
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Baiyun District Xinshi