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Henan Meiyi sign design and Manufacture Co. Ltd Brand
Business Model
Henan Meiyi signage design production Company Limited registered capital of 1000000 yuan, with CNC plasma cutting machine, the Yangtze River waves shears, bending machine, carving of Xinluo advanced production machine, welding machine and other king, have sheet metal workshop, carving workshop, screen printing workshop, paint room, the company covers an area of more than 1500 square meters, is located in Zhengzhou city high tech Development Zone, science Avenue and Ruida Road intersection of Zhengzhou advertising industry zone, the transportation is very convenient, has more than 50 professional design production staff, carefully for customers to create first-class products and enthusiastic customer service service. "No steel drill not embrace porcelain live", "have the opportunity to a dry, there is a market a business" is the company's operating philosophy, the company location: professional production and wholesale, OEM identification cards and flowers on behalf of the processing. The company all staff warmly welcome colleagues to visit us, cooperate!
Main Products
Flowers brand refers to set up for prompt pedestrians love flowers and signs in the wildflowers, also called the grass or grass card card, which belongs to the category of reminder, widely used in landscaping, greening the city reminder, green areas, factories, office area, park, school, Chuang Jianwen Ming City and so on to play the role of touch. With the development and progress of society, cards and flowers plays a more and more important role in beautifying the city and the development environment, beauty in everyone's heart, a good horse with a good saddle, good environment requires a good work of art to decorate, cards and flowers is in this respect undoubtedly plays a key. Effect of.
Contact information
Contact:   Ni Daojin
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Henan province Zhengzhou City High-tech Zone scientific Avenue and Ruida Road intersection Zhengzhou advertising industry park