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Ability Expo Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Brand
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ability-expo service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd specializes in well-known foreign exhibitions of China Merchants Group exhibition work, mainly large overseas exhibition promotion, international exhibition consultation, pavilion reception, visa services; for exhibitors provide free visa counseling, international trade process consulting, international freight forwarding, booth design and construction related services; to household textiles surface materials, textile, medical / dental products, electronic and electric power communication industry international exhibition promotion. Ability-expo service has a group of experienced, enthusiastic and meticulous International Exhibition elite, established a good cooperative relationship with many large-scale international exhibition sponsored by the organizing committee, party! Many years of exhibition experience tells us, "good" and "responsible" products is essential for our success, good faith is our bridge, win-win -- let us go into the international market!!!




visa section

visa department is mainly responsible for providing guidance for business visa, visa appointment, Asia Pacific countries send sign.



] international marketing department The latest information on

marketing department is mainly responsible for the provision of International Trade Fair for the enterprise, organization of domestic enterprises to participate in international and domestic organized various trade fairs, help enterprises designated series of international market development plans, choose the product trade exhibition or for the local market products and other related services for exhibitors.

with the Chinese after joining WTO, the domestic enterprise must and go to the world. International Exhibition is the enterprises to exploit the international market good business platform, overseas exhibitors is an important way for enterprises to enter international market. All employees of our marketing department will continue, 'take the customer as the center "principle of service, to help exhibitors to better develop the international market.



[international operation Department]


operation is mainly responsible for the overseas professional trade show a full set of the work of the organization, including: exhibitors booth structures, the exhibitors in the exhibition publicity, visa formalities, the small and medium-sized enterprise funds to support the application, ticket booking and overseas reception arrangement etc.. Our aim is to maximize the service for the exhibitors, let enterprise exhibitors exhibited more economic, more simple, more efficient.



[International Building Department]

is mainly responsible for a variety of international large-scale exhibition booth decoration and construction and organization of work. From the decoration design before the start of the fair, showing the effect of planning evaluation, to exhibitors during the exhibition booth set up overall layout and decoration. We are responsible for providing a full range of quality services.




customer service department

we hope: with professional knowledge and skills of our increasingly mature and continuously improve, through the establishment of good long-term cooperative relations with you, eventually became the enterprise successfully develop markets in Europe and the us an important cooperative partner and right-hand man. Service tenet: customer service department to meet and exceed customer service requirements.




Main Products
Foreign textile exhibition group exhibition, visa, hotel and air ticket booking
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