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Beijing Longtu electronics firm Sannuo Brand
Business Model
Sheng Shilong figure advantage: 1, all product development, design, production, packaging and in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification requirements for operation, thus ensuring product quality and low carbon production. 2, the finished products through the Ministry of public security and electronic product quality inspection and testing center. 3, have the ability to customize diverse customer needs. 4, insisted: "I promise, I do", "quality, service permanent first-class" business philosophy to ensure CIGNA, provide efficient, cost-effective services to our customers. 5, the country has a number of direct offices and agents to provide after sale technical support services. 6, has 24 hours: 400-700-1548, online customer service, SKYPE, QQ, MSN and many other services, to ensure that customers pre-sale, sale, after sale can get our highly efficient, convenient service. 7, to have a nationwide class famous universities, enterprises directly under the central government, the international famous brand clothing, international large-scale retail chain store customers of authorized users. 8, with a number of certificate obtained the customer high praise, such as "Chinese famous brand", "national quality trustworthy product" title. 9, has a group of graduated from the Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University and other institutions of higher learning, rich experience and strength of technical research and development team, thus ensuring the company's products have been in the leading role. 10, has a group of high-quality, highly educated, can stand in the customer point of view to consider the issue, not boast, honest man, honest work of the sales team. 11, has a unique site inspection environment: The company's sales department: located in the CBD Central Business District, located in Beijing along the Chang'an Avenue River, between the East sanhuan and east city of Victoria, from China World Trade Center, CCTV, Beijing TV station 500 meters, four Stars Hotel: French Accor hotel group Beijing flagship store (Huateng Mercure Hotel) 50 meters; five star Europeum Hotel: Dijinghaoting Hotel 300 meters. 12, have the ability to mass production: the total factory area of 3200 square meters, 700 square meters of office, workshop (machining, plastic spraying, carpentry, paint shop) 2500 square meters.
Main Products
Mobile phone anti-theft devices, mobile phone, mobile phone anti-theft anti-theft alarm display rack, display rack, camera tablet computer anti-theft anti-theft display Wall type, wall type prototype prototype alarm alarm, column prototype anti-theft device Machine mould pull rope, pull rope, film machine anti-theft products wholesale Apple mobile phone display rack, display rack, apple apple mobile phone anti-theft mobile phone alarm display Display hook hook hook hook plastic digital security Mobile phone anti-theft display | display anti-theft device | mobile phone anti-theft device | store anti-theft device | mobile phone anti-theft chain Mobile phone anti-theft display, display rack, mobile phone anti-theft mobile phone anti-theft devices, mobile phone display Mobile phone alarm mobile phone anti-theft mobile phone display wire line base display
Contact information
Contact:   Wei Zhigang
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Beijing city Chaoyang District road at the Hong Kong International