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Business Model
Hangzhou Haoguang copper decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various kinds of copper art accessories business. Technicians, the company has nearly ten years of exploration in the professional and technical development. The company was founded in 2005, this company specialized production: copper doors, copper copper copper window, furniture, handrails, copper reliefs, bronze painted, copper art decorations etc.. Improve enterprise management, has established a set of advanced product development system, quality engineering technology and perfect service system, always grasp the pulse of the market, the continuous improvement of production processes, optimize the product structure, strengthen the detection means, selection of quality raw materials at home and abroad for the user, ensure production of high-quality copper sculpture, bronze doors, revolving door etc. products. The company attaches importance to innovation in Architectural Art Deco, strive to be enterprising manufacturer, wholeheartedly welcome businessmen came to discuss cooperation, then, to join hands in creating a better future China copper decoration industry.
Main Products
Copper is at present more and more popular, it contains many factors, this kind of door in addition to price slightly high, need maintenance, all aspects of performance are very ideal. As a professional company of Hangzhou copper doors, we found a lot of people watch the gates of bronze first because of its appearance, the appearance of bronze is a very natural texture feeling, levels of copper rich let people smell China long history of cultural atmosphere; although it does not have a Huang Jinna like gorgeous, no aluminum alloy as bright; but it it is soft, its Guanghua restrained, embodies the harmony between man and nature. These are other decorative materials can not match. Considering from the safety point of view, one can imagine a strong degree of bronze. Now almost each and every family all installed anti-theft door, considered from the aesthetic angle, the two doors will make residential "face" is not clear; especially emphasize the elegant taste of the villa, installed two doors will destroy its aura. Moreover, home always open the two doors, it's not convenient. Bronze took anti-theft door strengths, and abandon the unsightly weaknesses, can satisfy both sides. Many people might consider bronze too expensive, because usually only see banks use of brass. In fact, copper price is not very high. The average family villas Tongmen accounted for only about 1/100 of the price of the villa. Considering other factors, it is cheap. We believe that with the development of economy, more and more people will recognize the copper as the superiority of decoration materials. Hangzhou Tongyi accessories company
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Contact:   Zheng Guanghui
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Hangzhou City, Gongshu District Road No. 176