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Business Model
Hangzhou Tianmai Textile Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated research centers, factory production, sales department, engineering department, service model machining center, mold manufacturing, including model machining center professional fast Shouban model, laser rapid prototyping, product design, plastic mold processing and plastic processing business, Tianmai science and technology adhering to the "perpetual motion create unlimited," the spirit of enterprise, to "respect the original design of" professional attitude, innovation and breakthrough focus on prototype technology, strive to real expression product modeling structure design and exterior details, reaching for the perfect. The main business scope of hand model, electronic flower pillow, electronic jacquard machine, the sample of CNC rapid prototyping, aluminum magnesium alloy CNC precise processing, fixture and tooling design and manufacture, precision hardware, appearance design, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, SLA silicone mold, the transparent parts, rubber parts, plating parts, small batch production, mold processing.
Main Products
You want to know whether your design something made in kind is what kind of? The appearance and their design idea is consistent? The structural design is reasonable? The hand is without opening the die, one or a few products according to the drawing or structure to make the appearance of the drawings, to model check the appearance or function of the rational structure, in the design stage to identify problems, to avoid the occurrence of defects Hangzhou Tianmai product model machining center of professional precision Shouban model manufacture. The production of a professional CNC (palm production Shouban model, rapid prototyping). Household appliances, electric tools, medical equipment, kitchen supplies, all kinds of toys, lamps, automotive, motorcycle accessories model design, manufacturing. Design of two kinds of fixture jig. Processing, CNC three aluminum magnesium alloy drilling, slotting. Four D modeling; product development; structure design; product design; reverse data reverse. Five types of lathe. Six industrial exhibition samples, rapid silicone mold of small bulk copy, realize small batch production of plastic parts, the transparent parts, rubber parts etc.. Seven mould processing. Electronic flower pillow, also known as electronic flower flower version board or electronic, and can replace the existing mechanical flower plate reading device. Using electronic flower pillow, in weaving jacquard fabric without paper flower plate, the realization of electronic jacquard, is the ideal products to improve the domestic shuttle loom and rapier jacquard performance. Electronic flower pillow convenient installation and easy operation, the board type mechanical jacquard bibcock four corners or five corners or six corner flower pillow removed, for electronic flower pillow, can realize no cardboard electronic jacquard. Function characteristics: 1, electronic flower pillow without board, as long as the flower shape file input, cost savings can be considered while knowledge. 2, improve the efficiency of the customers samples, flower shaped written to proofing. 3, save electric energy, electronic flower pillow power less than 100W--200W. 4, you can set and control, a computer can control many electronic flower pillow work. 5, labor saving, using electronic flower pillow machine speed can be increased by 30%. 6, easy to manage, can automatically calculate the total production output, the calculation of personal computing, working time. 7, electronic flower pillow has 1200 pin, 1480 pin, 2400 pin, 7680 pin can be equipped with up to three taps.
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Contact:   Cui Xiaoyun
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Gou Zhuang Road, No. 137