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Shenzhen Xie Jinxing planning agency is the top domestic furniture building materials field of integrated marketing and brand planning promotion services. Since the establishment of the company, service the country nearly 100 various kinds of furniture enterprise brand strategy case planning, of which nearly 1/3 enterprises now has grown into one of the best product categories where strong brands, 2/3 of the enterprises when the annual sales doubled or growth of at least 60%. Market brand performance to prove that we are the domestic furniture industry brand strategy planning class and integration of extension services. The specific case see website: hotline: 0755-22302286 13902487185 Operating characteristics: overall planning system services "one-stop" professional, efficient, high-quality goods! Service mode: project team expert supervision to ensure the successful cooperation! Core competitiveness: we are a well versed in "furniture enterprise brand marketing operation of the" planning company! Operating position: have the determination to make a strong industry brand of furniture enterprises, the best partner! Service content: Home Furnishing: furniture planning, brand planning, marketing planning furniture furniture furniture furniture, exhibition planning, investment planning, investment planning, furniture will be furniture brand design, furniture stores, furniture design, furniture design, booth design space of furniture enterprise image design, VI design, furniture furniture product photography, furniture product brochure design photo album design, furniture products, furniture products produced album, the design of furniture market, furniture design stores, furniture stores, furniture stores planned investment investment planning Building materials: building materials planning, building materials brand planning, marketing planning, building materials building materials exhibition planning, investment planning, building materials building materials merchants will be planning, design, brand building materials building materials store design, booth design, building materials building materials space design, building materials enterprise image design, VI design, building materials building materials product photography, building materials product album design, building materials products photo album design, building materials products album production, building materials shopping mall design, building materials store design, building materials store business planning, building materials shopping mall investment planning
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Four service plate for customer choice: The whole enterprise brand strategy planning services section: (mainly solves the enterprise brand strategy planning and sales promotion problem) Enterprise brand strategy planning and annual brand management services: Enterprise brand investigation The brand of enterprise diagnosis Enterprise brand strategy planning the specific scheme to complete Enterprise annual target market brand promotion planning scheme and the specific operation method The annual brand strategy consultant tracking guidance. Brand planning design packaging service plate: (mainly solves the enterprise brand image design, packaging and brand promotion problem) CIS planning the design of corporate brand image recognition system Brand monopoly model shop overall planning design Brand factory floor overall planning design scheme Creative brand album / folding planning, photography and design Exhibition planning investment promotion service sector: (mainly solves the business exhibition brand promotion and China Merchants join problem) Exhibitors brand promotion and investment to join the overall program planning The overall planning and design scheme of the exhibition booth Planning, design and production of exhibition propaganda tools China Merchants team work special training guide During the exhibition, the national dealer large businesses planning and presided over the implementation of Mall terminal planning project (mainly solves the mall management position and operation and large-scale promotion problem) shopping values surrounding the market research Shopping malls internal resources diagnosis The overall strategic planning and operation of shopping malls, brand positioning Mall of sustainable development strategy and the best business mode optimization Media planning Design and creative brand packaging performance Large scale promotion planning and terminal blasting Investment planning team training into
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Contact:   Xie Jinxing
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Shenzhen Futian District Hongling Road Southland Building 2 building 17 floor A block