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ALBAI brand Arabia robe of fabrics are always selected, seeks in the visual, feel comfortable degree to achieve the best effect, the only choice of Japan, South Korea is currently the most advanced face, accessories production, has soft, smooth, breathable and strong, comfortable to wear, good elasticity, high strength, not easy to deformation, cracking many advantages, easy washing, good color fastness, shrinkproof anti wrinkle free ironing, rich luster, etc.. Adopt the imported lining cloth as lining, can make the ALBAI brand Arabia tunic collar sleeve shape stability, foaming, repeated washing never deformation. At the same time the ALBAI brand in Arabia only by the cuff button robe made of pure copper material, by a professional institution for thousand times test, never fall off from the collar, and its use of the button color over the years will not change color. Thus it formed a unique style of ALBAI brand Arabia robe.  

we passed the production course of ten years of Arabia robe professional, in the technical requirements, technical standards have accumulated rich experience, have managed to be strict in one's demands, refine on to every detail of ALBAI brand Arabia robe products, creating excellent quality today's ALBAI brand products Arabia robe.  

ALBAI brand Arabia robe pursuit -- Do  the  best! (do the best!)  


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