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The automatic online mall Brand
Business Model
The automation mall is the automation of domestic professional online shopping platform, online sales of sensor / transmitter, measurement and control instrument, PLC, test equipment, industrial power supply, inverter, IPC, security gate, valve and other commodities, genuine quality, sunshine price, place an order online, the country more than 1500 City cash on delivery, let you enjoy the Internet shopping happy and relaxed. The automation is based on abundant commodity, to system industry as the guide, service two major advantages of online transactions and the fusion line, became Chinese automation industry network marketing benchmark brands. Simple product contrast, intuitive display system, secure online payment, professional technical service, let you in the first time, with the most reasonable price in the mall to buy automation automation products you need.
Main Products
1, the main operating ABB inverter (mainly engaged in ACS 300 series, 500 Series), Siemens inverter (400 main series) and PLC (S7 series and LOGO Series), multimeter (the whole series, Greenlee part series and fluke part of conventional table 's); 2, the main types of temperature, humidity, wind speed, temperature, pressure, liquid level transmitter and position sensing switch, meter. Main brands are: KunLun coast, KIMO, ESI, Honeywell, titan; 3, they sell all kinds of measurement and control instrumentation, industrial power supply, industrial computer
Contact information
Contact:   Liu Bailin
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Shangdi information Road No. 1 International Pioneering Park A Building 8 layer