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Shishi Cho Ming Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
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    we are lions Cho Ming apparel is a bureau of industry and Commerce has established the formal registration of manufacturers, many years of professional production of various kinds of knitted apparel orders, the factory workshop has more than 130 employees, the workshop is using the computer equipment, the annual output of millions of pieces, with the Ministry of development, sample chamber and related facilities staff, according to provide customers with color proofing, or according to the customer's willingness to design a whole group of series of products, our main products are as follows: roughly T-shirts, hoodies, suits, trousers, pajamas, T-shirts etc... Welcome to come to the factory site visits, we are factory direct, price and the actual production operation process is relatively advantage!
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Contact:   MS Fang
Addr:   Chinese Fujian  Quanzhou  Fujian province Quanzhou City Shishi Chinese Xing nine East Road No. 98