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Beijing Aomansi Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Professional clothing company ten years of professional work clothes, the company set design, production and sales as one of the garment machinery, with today's advanced and first-class design team, with professional, dedicated, diligent create Chinese tooling industry brand! Since the establishment of the company, after the accumulation of development, business throughout the domestic and foreign each are big in city, a successful cooperation with financial industry, foreign capital enterprise, group of companies, factories and enterprises, administrative organs and other industries, and in a flexible mode of operation and perfect sales service system, has won a good enterprise honor, the company by virtue of good brand image, service industry of its own extraordinary strength to walk in the national forefront of labor protection, species include overalls and occupation wear suits, 1000 shirts / day capacity, 500 sets of suits / day, work clothing 1000 sets / day. The company will continue to update, more development request, to design more suitable for your products, for you and your business Zengguang luster! Welcome letters from all walks of life, calls business negotiations!
Main Products
Work wear uniforms uniform T-shirt
Contact information
Contact:   Li Bing
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Rainbow City District of Fengtai District brilliance Road area 3 5 unit 101 room