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Guangzhou Hongxin Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.    No Member

Guangzhou Hongxin Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
    Guangzhou Hongxin Accessories Co. Ltd. is established in 2008, committed to the metal zipper, metal buckle, hardware chain, zipper, metal buckle, belt buckle, Japanese word buckle, D buckle, round buckle, I-button, alloy buttons, alloy rivets, pipe design and production drilling hit nails, hand bead and other accessories. Since the foundation of the company...
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Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Fang Zhouxian
Addr:   China Guangdong  Guangzhou  Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province China Haizhuqu District International Textile City A District Xinghui Hin B block 1206