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Dongguan City Sheng labor protection supplies factory    No Member

Dongguan City Sheng labor protection supplies factory Brand
Business Model
The company is specialized in series of products: gas (mask, mask, active carbon); dust (mask, mask, glasses, goggles, gloves, aprons, uniforms, caps); welding (glasses, masks, gloves, foot cover, aprons, leather shoes); safety (cap, belt, leather shoes, net, steel head temperature leather shoes); (gloves, insulated water shoes, leather shoes, shoe, shoes); acid and alkali (gloves, shoes, water shoes, apron, organic glass mask (PU); anti-static gloves, PVC gloves, hats, working clothes, shoes, clean finger, static gloves, cotton gloves with hand bowl); working gloves, and other types of insurance products.
Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Lu
Addr:   China Guangdong  Dongguan  The town of Changan Province, Dongguan City, Guangdong China Jian An Lu Xiagang sections of Jin Ming International Hardware City two building No. eight