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Shaanxi province Yulin Cathay garment factory Brand
Business Model
Yulin Cathay garment factory was founded in 1996, the existing technical personnel 10 people, the workshop sewing workers more than 50 people, covers an area of 1400 square meters. Production of "Xue Mei" brand series of "snow Yan Wu winter clothes, winter clothes series". Yulin Guotai clothing processing factory for ten years, has been to customer satisfaction as the highest pursuit. In Mizhi winter clothes market of fake and shoddy commodity, Cathay garment factory has always been to high priced authentic pure wool as raw material, never let the interests of consumers by a little injury. Yulin Guotai clothing processing plant mainly in the production of pure wool products, the main products are clothes, cold proof trousers, pure wool vest, pure wool quilt. The factory "snow Yan Wu" brand is the registered trademark of "country, snow Yan Wu" series of products are 100% pure wool, please look for the "snow Yan Wu" brand you buy, beware of fake.
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Contact:   Cao Junwei
Addr:   Shaanxi    Shaanxi Mizhi County of Qingnian Road Province eight