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Italy come Fuk clothing (International) Group Co., Ltd / Beijing Yaluoduo Fu Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Beijing aotefu Garment Co., Ltd, is a professional clothing company set design and development, excellent quality management, strict and professional brand marketing in the. The company was founded in twentieth Century eighty by the end of the 1990s, the first in the domestic production and sales of leather garments. After entering ninety age, companies began to make their products into the Russian market, and then exported to Britain, France, Germany and other European countries. After the temper for many years of international trade, the continuous development of the company. And gradually formed its own SF brand image. In 2003, the company will develop products focus on the down jacket, cotton padded jacket on autumn and winter clothing. In 2004, Beijing aotefu Garment Co., Ltd, formally made Italy brand ALOTTOO (Arodo) high-end down jacket in the Chinese production sales rights. ALOTTOO series of high-end down jacket, with waterproof and breathable fabric special. Continuation of the classic Italy style of design, to manufacture craft exquisite, won the market recognition. In 2006, the company will be the full shape effect of ALOTTOO international brand image in the domestic market, implementing win-win strategy of domestic, international. At present, the company has a new generation of R & D team, first-class designers, a new design concept and advance the innovation consciousness. High quality fabrics, advanced technology, personalized style, to win customers for its unique taste, reproduce the natural trend, improve market share. ALOTTOO -- Arodo, is leading the fashion trend with you down, set sail.
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