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Attack Bei garment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Brand
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The beauty of a woman should not be interrupted by pregnancy, this concept has been engaged in the fashion industry, prompted us, began to focus on taking care of pregnant women and parturient the beauty industry. In 30 years we have invested in developing and manufacturing all regions of the mothers are required for different needs to work, going out, leisure, catering and lactation fashion pregnant women clothing, professional and high quality in products and skin care products. We provide consumers with the greatest satisfaction faith, development, manufacturing a full range of product lines to meet the needs of pregnant women, beautiful from the outside and inside a shopping. We sincerely hope that with mothers who gave birth to the next generation of health during pregnancy, let be the most beautiful experience and memories of life in mother. 010 attracted 25~35 years old, like exquisite, high-quality products for pregnant women, their common characteristic is the importance of taste, emphasizes the unique style, rejection and others, insist on buying can let oneself more beautiful, build better products. Design style 010 showed enthusiasm and changeable, the modern fashion, for pregnant women special body lines, to create the most fashionable pregnant taste fashionable maternity dress, not only to win the pregnant women regional unanimously affirmed that the leader is international maternity dress circle. 010 since the venture, to continue to "deep root local" fashion brand for the marketing strategy, in order to take care of various styles, price and different regions, countries that Eastern and Western different living habits, we with a strong lineup of management team, including design, development, marketing and sales of professional departments, continue to collect new popular opinion and demand trends, regional consumers, rapid collection, analysis, design, the production of high quality products the most valuable, to meet the various regional diversification of consumer demand, to carry out the development of international brand idea. 010 original production management system, integration of all over the world multiple production and shipping center, the specialized labor division network form a complete and very flexible, making ability strong, let us quickly in response to the latest fashion trends, meet the regional diversification of body and the physiological needs of pregnant women. In order to service regional consumers, 010 marketing channels throughout the China, Singapore, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and Australia. We to stores and department stores counters, provide the most advanced, most considerate to enjoy shopping, and obtain the local consumer trust and support. We targeted individual market demand to create industry oriented trend, so in each area are in the industry leading international brand. In a highly competitive industry environment, we fixed annual set aside a certain ratio of turnover in the development, marketing and cultivation of talents, encourage new ideas and new development of the case, to pursue the maximization of consumer satisfaction as the ultimate goal, we focus on providing regional pregnant women, maternity dress, diversified demand in a, activities and skin care products, believe 010 innovative beautiful image, has been deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers all over. "Beautiful created 010010 create a new trend is pregnant the taste!" Review the past, with the beautiful insist, continuous innovation to pursue maximization of consumer satisfaction, for over thirty years, the right business model, make the whole enterprise more grow up, in the face of changing market environment, more flexible, and we will continue to expand marketing positions, in order to provide a more complete service, look forward to the future, become the leading indicator of global fashion industry.
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